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Sometimes things happen in life that go horribly wrong..
and lately hasn't been a good time since me and my best friend are in an arguement fase..
I dont' really remember how everything happened it just went so fast i remember that i got really hurt by a few things that happened..
sometimes i want to talk to her but then there are little things that happen that make me realise its not the best time to talk otherwise i will do something i will seriously regret...
and to my next point in life that im dreading..
in some words i have commited social suicide--meaning what is going to happen to me will prevent me from ever going out.. things like this can happen and i guess it just had to happen to me so atm im stuk wondering wat to do wiv dis situation i mean i have all my support from my close friends like shelby, ems iky, ray, dior, stel etc. and it isn't something that happens every day in an average persons life...
this has also got to do with the arguement fase im in because i really would like to talk to her about it but i have to calm down and forget about everything because when we leave i still want to be her friend even if its not best friends-- if only she knew that the reason i am not talking is because i want to be able to forget about it cus im stil in pain...

Writer's Block: Been There, Done That

If you could live one day in your life over and over, which day would it be?
it would be the day me and my friends went round to tasha's (xinsindeurheadx) house and we were taking loads of pics n her dad kept coming in with more chicken for us to eat :D


OMG i can't believe it's snowin :D
that means no school im so happy.. also due to he fact that in london it rarely ever snows
i'm not to used to doing this blog thing so if i take some time to write my next blog you know y
anyways dis is all im gna post 4 now im gna go add some friends

ciao xx



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